DiatexNT - retailing system ERP
for clothing, sporting goods and shoes

DiatexNT is a modular built software solution which involves all areas
of a modern business company in the clothing industry.

DiatexNT stands for performance, is easy to use, adaptable, and includes:

  • Orderprocessing - Purchase of goods - Finished good - Material and Deadline monitoring -
    Statistics - Contribution margin analysis of order income and sales - Goods arrivals - Stock - Labelling -
    Reserved goods - Shipping - Billing

  • Mobile order entry online - offline

  • Available connections: Financial Accounting - EDI-functions - POS Retail System -
    Webshop B2B & B2C - CRM - PDM - SCM - Achive of documents

On the following sites you will find more detailed information about our software and the individual adapation possibilities.